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Northern Tech Diver is committed to providing our students with a superior training package that provides the highest level of student comfort, confidence and diver proficiency in the the industry.

All training is delivered in a courteous, professional manner. Our courses are a blend of information sessions and practical application. There is a distinct emphasis on the practical in-water aspect of our training. We firmly believe that you can only learn to dive while you are in the water.

Our style training is unique in the dive industry.  We do not believe in minimum course content offerings. We offer superior course curriculums that are demanding and fast paced. This level of dedication demands that the student be an active participant in the learning process. Prior to the commencement of training, all students are required to go through an orientation process comprising of completion of all necessary paper work-including a medical history form-and reviewing and confirming the course schedule. You will also receive a home study kit and assignments to be completed prior to class. To finish the orientation, we will conduct a brief scuba equipment overview, then professionally fit your equipment and collect all course fees.

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