Built during the last Ice Age 
Depths from 0 - 25 ft (0-8m) 
Lots of Stuff (Bottles, sunken boats, cars, etc.) 
Location: west of Westbrook, Ontario, Canada north of Hwy 2 

Just south of the 401, this quarry was a local source of limestone for many years. Since being closed as a working quarry it has become a local swiming and diving attraction. There is plenty of parking and a clean sandy beach entry. In the water there are several sunken boats ranging from outboards to a cabin cruser dubbed the "Never Done". There are several fixed lines and a platform in the centre of the quarry.

The quarry has fish - perch, sunfish, rock bass and small mouth bass.

This is an excellent training site with numerous things to see and places to practice skills. Entry is easy and there are good places to don and doff gear.

In 2009, the quarry owner invested time and money cleaning up the site and installing portapoties. There is now a $3 charge to enter, but it is well worthwhile.  Presently the quarry is closed for diving.