Ship Type: Schooner Barge
Lifespan: Built 1893 Scuttled 1937
Length: Length 177 ft
Depths: 60 ft
Location: Near Snake Island, Lake Ontario, Canada

While returning from the lake on May 17th 2003, Wayne Gay and Tom Rutledge stumbled on this wreck. This is the Augustus; she was the last of the derelicts to be removed from Portsmouth Harbour in Nov 1937. Built by the Calvin Company in 1893 as a schooner she was cut down into a barge near the end of World War I (1918?) and dropped from the registry.
The Augustus was reportedly found in the 1980's by local divers of the time and forgotten about. Some publications have her listed as lying in 90ft water and in a different location. It makes you wonder if they even dove the wreck.