Ship Type: Schooner
Lifespan: Built 1877, Sunk 1922
Length: 95ft
Depths: 90ft
Location: Timber Island, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
GPS N44 00.624 W76 44.614

This small schooner was built by William Jamieson in Deseronto in 1877. One of the last schooners to ply Lake Ontario, she was bound Oswego for Napanee wtih a load of coal in Nov 1922 for the Schuster Coal Company when she met with heavy weather. Captain Harry Mitchell, with the assistance of the cook, Mrs Mary Lloyd, and a boy named Hugh Hanna, navigated her safety to Timber Island that night. Anchors were cast but could not hold, and the rudder post was broken. After he and crew went ashore, her anchor chain broke and she drifted out and sank between Timber I and Nine Mile Point.

The last people to see the Kattie Eccles were actually the crew of the Lyman Davis which had grounded on Waupoos Island during the same storm.