Nicknamed "KPH"

This could be the KPH according to Capt Henderson


Ship Type: Barge
Lifespan: Built ????, Sunk ????
Length: 135ft
Depths: 65ft
Location: Off Kingston Psychiatric Hospital, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
GPS N44.12.44 W76.31.49

This unknown steamer lies in 65 ft (20m) of water near the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital and is regarded as a diving gem. This wreck is 135ft (41.2m) long, with penetration available, and is usually covered in fish. The wreck is mostly visited as a second dive, but this is one of the perfect night dives that one can do while visiting the Kingston area. After coming down the ascent line, one is greeted by the debris field and a giant propeller. Coming around to the first available opening, one can see the boilers and large coal chutes. After exploring the inside (be careful; its silty and others may want to see), one can venture around the front and down the side and watch the fish.
Update Aug 2001 An article written by the Marine Museum in Kingston has Capt Henderson Identifying the KPH as the Waterlily.