Just outside off Kingston Ontario is Amherst Island and on the east side lies a graveyard of scuttled ships.  The Rickarton, Glengarry, Chicago, Mapleglen, Mapllegreen, Maplegorge, A,Vittle, and the Cornwall.  Only the Cornwall and Mapleglen have been identified the others left with nicknames such as Queen Mary, Lusitania, Glendora, Empress , Titantic and the Monkey Wrench.  


Not much of these once great ships are left and only the Cornwall is recognizable due to being a paddlewheeler., and the Maoleglen identified by her distinct boilers, The others left to be determinded at a future date.  Most of the these wrecks are in 60 - 80 feet in the freshwater of Lake Ontario.  History tells stories of the removal of the hulks from Kingston’s Harbours and disposal in 1926, with exception of the Cornwall on a cold night in Dec 1931.


Many of these wrecks laid undisturbed until the late ‘60s and into the 80’s when divers started searching for them one by one they were discovered using nothing but chart recorders, and dead reckoning until the last one discovered in 1989 the Cornwall.  


The wrecks are in various states of disarray with large propellers and rudders on some and winches on another, some with boilers others without.  There would be less  if done earlier in the century where during that period in which they would recycle anything the could be used again. as well as remembering that many of the these hulks were deteriorating in Kingston Harbour and considered an eyesore. So people were encourage to use them for firewood and of course some suffered vandalism  So what once was eyesores and trash has become a haven for divers, fish and even fisherman alike.


Historical photos



Underwater shots